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Carpvale Pond Cleaning Services

Please call 01904 738249 or 07774 704301 to discuss your pond cleaning & renovation needs.

Installation of new ponds and filter systems. Enlargement or conversion of existing ponds. Renovation of existing ponds.

Sludge, blanket weed and algae removal. Fish handled with care. Biological balance maintained. All work carried out by Carpvale Fisheries Ltd. Whether its new or old, large or small, Carpvale provides the expert maintenance and repair required by your fish pond. Please telephone to discuss your requirements.

Here are some examples of our previous work:

Alteration work on stepped water feature in Harrogate

Enlarging water reservoir
Rendering before fibre glassing
Ready to be fibre glassed

Restoration work on college pond

View from platform before
View from the end of the pond before
Result of 2 days clearing work
View from platform after
View from the end of the pond after

New Pond Installation in Harrogate

New build in Harrogate
Old pond removed, and foundations dug out for new block and brick work
Brick and block work in position
Completed pond with filter waterfall and new access path
Rockways Waterfall In use

Pond clean at Helperby

Pond clean at Helperby
Pond empty with sludge removed
Plant root growing through pond liner
After cleaning and patching liner, pond returned to former glory

Pond restoration at Bedale

Large Ornamental pond, near Bedale. Pond water, fish and plants put into storage
Pond after emptying
Power washing Algie from sidewalls
Filter system prior to cleaning
Pond being refilled and fish returned

Pond waterfall at Wheldrake

Pond at Wheldrake
Rockways waterfall
Waterfall in use

Pond clean at Pockington, York

Garden Pond at Pocklington, choked with silt and plants, with very little room for the fish
Pond cleaned out and refilling
Fish now able to use full area of pond

Pond restoration at Helperby

Ornamental pond at Helperby, showing pond being drained down, full of sludge and holes in liner.
Old liner removed, blocked put in to ensure correct level, underlay and sand for new liner protection
Pond refilled, with stone edging added

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